Lavasa: A Dreamland!

We Indians!! Whenever we see some good and stunning place in our own country, in order to compliment that place we usually say “Bilkul foreign jaisa lag raha!” (This place seems like foreign) So this place in Maharashtra is somewhat relatable to the above kind of compliment. Let me tell you we have so many places in our country which are still unexplored by many of us, especially in North East region of our Country which forces you to think that you live in a country which is actually a paradise.DSC_0323

Breathtaking, Artificial and Planned City it is! Yes this is Lavasa which is a beautifully planned city near Pune or you can say in the outskirts of Pune. This city is much popular among the youngsters. It provides you the glimpse of Potofino city of Italy. Located in the Western Ghats, it renders the most attractive view from the city and the hills. The city has the luxurious resorts and hotels all around as well as lavish bungalows which can also be rented for a day and so. When I went for the first time it was just a WOW what I expressed. Well as it is a planned city, it has a school, hotel management colleges, few ATMs and very few Banks. Lavasa is famous for parties and luxurious holidays and people also plans a day trip there. It is also famous for its adventure activities such as water scooter, cycling, etc. There are many food courts as well as restaurants which provides great service and obviously great food but yes as stated earlier it’s not pocket friendly.

Obviously Lavasa is a photogenic place I must say! People gather there for their pre-wedding shoots, photo shoots and so, also for holidays and mostly for Parties. This place provides you the peaceful environment from the hustle bustle of city life and also provides you the “low polluted” environment.DSC_0337

A day tour to Lavasa is a must especially for the Punekars as it is only 60Kms away from the city which takes hardly 2 hours. Early morning trip to lavasa and enjoying the rest of the day in the luxury having several adventure activities and cycling around the city is the best part one can have there followed by returning by evening. For parties people hire bungalows or hotels there.

It also provides the Camping facilities which also includes lot of adventure activities at Bembatmal which is at the hills of Lavasa. Rock Climbing, Campfire, Jungle treks and valley crossing are some of the activities which can be enjoyed while staying in the camps out there.

So, if you’re looking for a pretty good and serene place then yes this is the one you were looking for!!

Things to Carry:

  • Camera is always top in my list. Mobile Phones has replaced the same but yes by carrying a camera won’t make you feel regret.
  • You can always select your Attire and footwear according to the motive of visit (Parties or holidays). It depends.
  • Here the list is all yours according to the aim of visiting the place.

Best time to visit:

I believe Monsoons are the best time to visit the place as you can find lush greenery which makes the place more beautiful. But also winters and summers are the great time to visit the same. Moreover, I visited the place during Summers and yes I loved the same!

How to reach:

Travelling by road is only the option.

Either travel by your own vehicle or by bus which I know runs from Swargate, Pune but the timings of the bus are always different so make sure you confirm the timings a day prior. Also the cabs are not a bad option.

However Celebs can always land there. Yes, there is helipad for the Celebs and Famous persons who can afford the same.

P.S.- Travelling to Lavasa is a thrilling experience in itself because of its roads and the location.

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Lonavla : A place with adventures!


Hills, Beautiful Resorts and Valleys!! I must say this place is a heaven for nature lovers. It is none other than Lonavla. A beautiful hill station in the State of Maharashtra on the Deccan Plateau. Situated near Pune and Mumbai it is a mandatory and frequent visit for Mumbaikars and Punekars. Although you can see people there from all over the country and also foreigners as it is a tourist attraction.

Travelling to Mumbai from Pune via train I used to see the best scene I saw till day and the place was one and only Lonavla. The scene was eye catching and initiated my thought of visiting Lonavla. People used to say that travelling Mumbai to Pune or vice-versa via train is amazing but I really felt the same when I actually travelled. You can see the town of Khopoli from the hills while sitting on the seats in train and trust me it is amazing!

Surrounded by beautiful and luxurious Resorts, Lonavla is the happening Hill Station in Maharashtra. Most famous spots in Lonavla is the Tiger’s point and the Lion’s point and both provides you impressive views and is only at approx. 1 km distance from each other. My favourite out of the two is Tiger’s Point, the reason being it provides stunning view along with lots of land area where one can chill and enjoy the time. Let me tell you that last scene of “Welcome” movie was shooted here. The presence of lush greenery and fog makes you feel mesmerizing. Coming to Lion’s Point, it provides you impressive view and you can find more crowd here than Tiger’s Point along with food stalls and others. Both of these are kind of twin points you can say and is famous for its views.

Coming to the foot of the valley towards abovementioned points in Lonavla, an adventurous dam exists. Bhurshi Dam it is! Yes it is an adventurous Dam as said because you can go inside, enjoy, do whatever you want as it is safe and the water flows on the stairs so you can sit there in the water and enjoy as much as you can. But this pleasure and fun can only be gathered in the Monsoons as during other seasons, water in that much quantity cannot be found there. The proper dam is in the back side where no one is allowed to go yet you can have its sight. It’s the best place I would personally suggest if you are a water lover. Stalls are surrounded near the Dam and you can always have a Bhutta and sweet corns there specially in the Monsoons.

Next comes the Wax Museum which is a prominent place in Lonavla and is a must visit place in your to-do list whenever you visit Lonavla. It consists of wax statutes of many celebrities and great personalities. Also if you’re a water and adventure freak and willing to visit water parks or adventure parks then let me tell you the very famous Adlabs Imagica is right there near Lonavla in Khopoli. So what are you waiting for! It consists of Adventure Park, Water Park and Snow Park along with Novotel Hotel which is a Bliss. You can plan for nightstay there without any issues. Also the ‘Wet n Joy’ water park is just few Kilometers away from Lonavla which is again a wonderful place for water rides and its Wave pool. Lonavla is rich in its luxurious Resorts with an eye catching views of hills and lakes right from the room.

So if you’re looking for full of adventure just add this place in your Bucket list. Moreover if you’re from Pune or Mumbai, it can be a one day weekend trip as mine was!

Things to carry:

  • Obviously a Camera if you love to click the nature. Otherwise a Mobile phone is always our best friend!
  • Sunglasses as you have to walk around in sun. P.S.: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen as well. You can ignore the same in monsoons.
  • Wear sports shoes as it would be more comfortable.
  • Try to wear Shorts (both Men and Women) as its comfortable.
  • If visiting Bhurshi Dam don’t forget to take a set of clothes with you.
  • Water as needed. You can get bottle of mineral water there. So no worries!

Best time to visit:

The best time is Monsoon i.e., during July to September. And it is because you can find lush greenery and fog at that time only. Otherwise once when I visited in the month of March couldn’t find any greenery. So I would personally suggest to visit the place during Monsoons and yes don’t worry if you get wet as Lonavla rains frequently in Monsoons.

Mornings are always best time to visit the points as mentioned. So getting out of your bed early for a day just to see the said points would never make you feel regret. Trust me!! I love to sleep and I’m recommending this so there must be something Right?

How to reach the place:

Roads are connected well from Mumbai and Pune.

Railways are also a good option as Pune-Lonavla locals run in between. Also the trains from Mumbai to Pune or vice-versa makes a halt in Lonavla.

In case opting for Railways you’ll have to take an autorickshaw for the places you want to visit.

Famous in Lonavla:

Lonavla Chikki is the very famous dish which one should have. There are variety of chikkis available like Cashewnut Chikki, Almond Chikki and what not.

While visiting Lonavla you can also plan to visit Khandala. It’s just few kilometres away and is famous for trekking.

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One from my very favorite point!


Normal is sometimes boring and seeking for something new, we headed towards Alibag via Ferry from Mumbai. Of course Alibag is famous for its beautiful beaches around the city in the state of Maharashtra but in this blog I’m gonna also discuss about the journey from Mumbai to Alibag which is astounding.

I’ve been to Alibag via bus from Pune but this time it was special as we were about to visit the same from Mumbai via Ferry. So the journey started from the very famous Gateway of India, Mumbai and there were many ferries of various companies in the sea. We went to buy the tickets for Alibag in the ticket counter where I could not get the tickets for AC Ferry (PNP) but I got the same for the Non-Ac Ferry (Maldar) for which I was satisfied enough. The ticket counters there also sells the tickets for Elephanta Caves and other places. We went ahead and stood in a queue (the queue was too long) and within few minutes we went in the Ferry. We went on the upper deck of the Ferry luckily as they only allow 15-20 persons on the upper deck. If you’re travelling in a Non-Ac ferry I would recommend you to go for upper deck.

As the journey started, we grabbed our seats and were very excited. There were other people too and we had a great company. They were in their mid 50s or early 60s in a group and were school friends came for get together after ages from different cities and countries. I then focused on the view as the ferry started. Initially there was little fear was in my mind being having first hand experience of ferry. Later I started enjoying and fear fade away as confidence came in. We were in the sea far from the Gateway of India, the very famous Hotel Taj faded and we were far away from Mumbai in the Arabian Sea. The view was amazing and everyone was enjoying the journey and the view. Suddenly we crossed through Bombay High (now Mumbai High) which is a huge oilfield in the Arabian Sea, it was amazing. There were also few ships in the sea which were visible to us. All these made me very happy and excited as these were new for me and also my first journey via sea to another place. Within 1 hour and 15 minutes we reached a place Mandwa which was a kind of port and there were many people waiting for ferry to go back to Mumbai via sea route. From Mandwa we got into the bus which was provided by the company itself, to Alibag. We reached Alibag within 45 minutes from Mandwa and from there (Alibag) took an auto for Varsoli Beach. Varsoli Beach is very beautiful and clean beach. The best beach in Alibag is Nagaon Beach which has all kinds of water sports including paragliding. We didn’t had much time so we went for Varsoli Beach which is near as compared to Nagaon Beach.

Quiet, Serene and Gorgeous it was. Yes I’m talking about Varsoli Beach, Alibag which is surrounded by number of trees which makes it astonishing. There were very few people as the locals said the crowd is generally on weekends. But we did few water sports there like banana ride and water scooters and the locals there were supportive and helpful enough. There are changing rooms and food stalls in the beach but are available only on weekends just because of the crowd. You can have access to the water sports also on weekdays. We spent our day on the beach and went for lunch in the city. Various Palm trees in the Varsoli Beach makes it more beautiful and amazing which makes it a mandatory visit if you’re in Alibag.

We returned in an AC ferry (PNP) which also had upper deck (Non Ac) and this time we witnessed few Dolphins from the Ferry and also the ferry had great sitting arrangements. One must go for both kind of ferries and both would provide you different and amazing experiences trust me!!

Things to carry:

  • Camera is worth taking, obviously mobile phone would also do the job.
  • Carry light snacks, you can get the same on the ferry but carrying your own would not make a loss.
  • Wear water friendly shoes so it’s comfortable and you don’t have to worry about the damage.
  • Carry a set of clothes with you as beach always makes you wet!!
  • Carry less things as possible.
  • Water is always most wanted in my list. So carrying water is always preferable but you can get mineral water in the beaches as well.

Best time to visit:

I visited in the month of January, 2018 but anytime would do. Avoid monsoons. The city is connected with roadways and waterways. Nearest airport is Mumbai airport.

Do visit and share your comments.

Also share your views about my blog in the comment section.

Please drop me a query if you have any.

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Khadakwasla Dam: Pune

Peace, Cool Breeze and Sun on the top! Yes I’m talking about Khadakwasla Dam situated at Pune. This place is situated in the outskirts of Pune with lots of food stalls around. So if you’re Foodie along with a travel freak this place is must in your to-do list.

Looking for a new place we went to Khadakwasla Dam this Sunday morning and found this place very peaceful with few people around with their families and loved ones. I must say dam has clear water but when we go towards deep water it’s somewhat dirty. It is surrounded by road on one side and by large single arch on the other. We went at around 9:30 and there were few families and couples around, also the friends who were chilling there. They don’t have boating activities or water rides there but I saw a speed boat going on, may be for their own purpose localites use that but that caught my attention. One can have the best morning time there with tea and sitting near dam and just doing nothing. Pros are that place is in outskirts of the city nearly 14-15 kms from Deccan Gymkhana which is famous and almost Centre in the city, we can find peace there. And it has many food stalls selling tea, corns, vada Pav, bhajji and many more. Savior was sugarcane juice. It is also a photogenic place I must say, folks do carry a camera with you. Cons are the place is not at all maintained as they don’t have stairs to go down near the water you just have to go down as we trek which is slippery. Altogether I loved the place. It is worth visiting specially with group of friends.

Things to carry:

* Camera is worth taking, obviously mobile phone would also do the job.

* Wear water friendly shoes as its easy for wet feet and you don’t have to worry for its damage.

* Carry less things possible as you don’t have good place to keep your things safely so that those doesn’t become barrier during fun time.

* Water as per your requirement. This is most wanted thing in my list. You can have mineral water there also so in case you forgot, no worries.

Best time to visit :

I visited in the month of Feb at morning but evening would also do. The place is beautiful and easily connected during whole year.

For writers, poets (who want to get some ideas) and persons who love peace, morning time would be best.

How to reach the place:

We went in a cab but one can easily go on their own vehicles, cabs are also easily available from the city as well as from there also and busses are available as well.

Do visit and leave your comments below.

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First blog post

Since childhood traveling has always been my favorite. So basically this blog is related to my travel experiences and the places I would suggest to visit. By the way, Hey people I’m Ritu Mehta brought up in Ranchi, born at Raipur, currently pursuing law at Pune and a Gujju person. I’m not only going to share my posts relating to Gujarat or Jharkhand but also from the places which I loved the most and most importantly my favorite place Mumbai. I love beaches more than hills but yes I love to go to hills as well because traveling is my passion. I’m Foodie so you can also find my posts relating to my favorite Food and the place where you can get those specially at Pune as currently I’m staying here. So People happy reading! 😊